Carbon Drive - Center Track

Center Track Belt Drive parts are now available in a wide range of gearing choices. The revolutionaly new design delivers self centering of the belt on completely new sprocket designs which reduces set up time and improves functionality across even the harshest of riding conditions.   

Front rings 46 / 50 / 55

Rear cogs 22 / 24 / 26 / 28 in spline type. 24 Alfine and 21 Fixi screw on.

Belts in 113 / 115 / 118 / 122

Complete drive train has been dramaitically reduced with improved manufacturing methods across the whole Carbon Drive range. Send us an email for more info or to order your system today.   

RRP now $390 delivered anywhere in Aus.

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Spot Brand

Check out the latest Spot Brand Bikes for 2011. Spot are hand made in Golden Colorado USA using the enviable True Temper steel tubing. Popular models include Rocker Belt Drive Single Speed and the extensive Urban range particularly the sleek Coyote Fixi. Geared anc chain drive versions are also available. Email us for more information and check out the Spot Brand website at


Nomad Portable Pressure Washer

Ideal for MTB events, Equestrian, Water Sports and Camping. The go anywhere unit features a 13 litre detachable tank and quick recharge heavy duty 18 V battery. 1 tank will wash 3 very muddy mountain bikes and 1 charge will pump around 60 litres. See how cool this is at the youtube link below.

RRP $395 delivered in Aus

Email us via the contact page for more details on the Carver Carbon Drive bikes. 

650B tyres range

Pacenti 2.1 Neo Moto are in stock and offer fast rolling with fantasic cornering grip. Suitable for tubeless set up these tyres are tough and offer a great ride in all conditions.

Kenda Nevagals 650B x 2.1". That famous and grippy and fast rolling tread is ideal for the 650B format and one of the cheapest 650B around. 

The Schwalbe  2.2" Racing Ralph high performance tyre is a fantastic all round performer used by many XC and Enduro racers. All our higher spec build kits use these tyres.

650 B Wheels

We have built up several bikes now using the American Classic 650B XC wheelset. This is a superbly built wheelset with slick graphics and at only 1700 grams offers excellent performance. Retail price around $895. 

Velocity have recently introduced a lighter 650B Blunt SL rims. Slimer, lighter and stiffer the SL delivers a great ride and a great price. Also suitable for Tubeless set ups. Built up with double butted spokes and Sram X9 Hunb a complete wheelset comes in around 1800g and has a RRP of $495.

Recent Race Results

Clint Pearce  - Killer B geared

- 1st place Vetran LunarC 8 hr, Petrie, January 15 2010

- 1st place Vetran Pitch Black 12 Hr, Old Hidden Vale, November 21 2009

- 1 st place 4 man team Canungra 24 hr Challenge

- 1st place 40 to 49 age, Cycle Epic 50k, August 23 2009

- 2nd place overall, Cycle Epic 50k, August 23 2009

- 1st place 40 to 49 age, Insomnia 24 Hour Solo, June 27 2009

David Crow - Killer B geared

- 3rd place 40 to 49 age, Noosa Enduro 100k, July 12 2009

- 2 nd place 40 to 49 age, Boonah Marathon, May 31 2009

Brenden Den - Killer B Single Speed

- 1st place Australain Single Speed Champs, Newcastle, November 28 2009

- 2nd Place Single Speed, World 24 Hour Solo Championships, Canada, July 2009

- 1st place Masters, NSW State Round 1, Fitzroy Falls, May 2009

Casper Oxlee - Killer B geared

- 1 st place U19 Mt Crosby XC , April 26 2009

Werner Wilson - Killer B geared

- 1st place Solo, Insomnia 24 Hour, June 27 2009

- 4 th place Solo, Gold Rush 6 hour,  June 8 2009

- 4 th place Overall Boonah Marathon, May 31 2009

- 1 st place Solo, Insomnia 6 hr, April 5 2009

- 1 st Place Summer Series XC Round 4